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The Collection

The Australian Aviation Museum has a wide range of aircraft and aviation artifacts on display, many aircraft in fact manufactured at Bankstown Airport. Hawker de Havilland built hundreds of aircraft during and after WWII, including Tiger Moths, Mosquito Bombers, Drovers and Vampires.

Included in our collection are a number of rare aircraft, including the world's only Fawcett 120 (also manufactured at Bankstown), a 1931 Clancy Skybaby, a Luton Major and a Harley Newman Gyrocopter.

Artifacts include a complete Radio Set from a Lancaster Bomber, Navigational Sextants, a Drift Sight from a Beaufighter, Silk Aircrew Tropical Escape Maps and a unique Trouser Button Compass.

The Bofors Anti-Aircraft Gun on display is of the type used during WWII to guard Bankstown Airport against air attacks from the Japanese. Mr. Neville Bryce, a Museum Founding Friend, manned a Bofors Gun at Bankstown Airport as a young soldier during the war.

On display are a number of historic military and commercial aviation uniforms. and many Aircraft models.

Dassault Mirage    

Transavia PL-12 Airtruk

40mm Bofors Anti-Aircraft Gun    
Douglas DC3 (C47 Dakota)
Feast Circle CW Aircraft    
Fawcett 120
Harley Newman Gyrocopter
de Havilland Dove (Sea Heron C-20)
Junkers W-33 Seaplane Replica    
HS-748 Surveillance Aircraft
Wheeler Scout    
Wheeler Tweetie Hang Glider
Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer    
Short C Class Empire Flying Boat Model
Lancaster Radio Receiver/Transmitter Set    
de Havilland Drover    
MIG 15
Mark.IV Drift Sight    
Clancy Skybaby
SE5A Replica    
Luton Major LA5   
Douglas A-26 Invader
Corby Starlet
Historic Uniforms and Flying Apparel    
Volmer VJ 22 Sportsman Amphibian
1935 Vacuum Oil Fuel Tanker    
Druine Turbulent
Boeing 727 Cockpit Section








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