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1935 Vacuum Oil Fuel Tanker IHC C. 40

Owned by the Vacuum Oil Company, this truck was used to deliver petrol and avgas etc, to the RAAF at Geraldton all through World War II and up until the early 1960's.

The tanker was then put up tender and was purchased by J.F.W. Metcalf & Sons to be used to fuel their diesel tractors on a farm 16 km North of Dowerin, Western Australia.

After a period of 20 years, Mobil Oil approached Mr. John Metcalf to buy this tanker so they could display it in a museum at Fremantle W.A. However, by the time it was restored, Mobil was based in Victoria and the Tanker was moved to Air World at Wangaratta.

Following the unfortunate demise of Air World, the Mobil Tanker was relocated to the Australian Aviation Museum, where it is kept in fully operational condition.

Donated by L.J. (John) Metcalf

(Photography by Trevor Dean)



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