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Bofors Anti-Aircraft Gun

Anti Aircraft Defence of Bankstown Aerodrome

During World War II the Australian Light Anti Aircraft Battery camped in tents in
Nelson¹s Bakery Yard on Canterbury Road, almost on the corner of Gibson Avenue, behind where Bob Jane¹s T Mart now stands.

The Unit was responsible for the Light Anti Aircraft defence of Bankstown Aerodrome.

Guns were kept in horse and cart stables at the back of the Bakehouse.

The entrance was on Canterbury Road and the Bakehouse was used as a Mess Hut, while the old house was Head Quarters. Ammunition was situated at the rear in underground bunkers.

A Bofors Gun Emplacement was positioned at the corner of Henry Lawson Drive and Milperra Road, onto Bankstown Aerodrome proper. It was responsible for a perimeter defence of 360º arc and a 180º arc of elevation against low flying enemy aircraft.

These Bofors guns were mobile, and at various times new gun sites had to be dug, sandbagged and camouflaged, as there were up to four guns deployed around the Aerodrome, giving the whole of the area a measure of light anti aircraft protection.

On loan from the Royal Australian Artillery Historical Company via Captain William J. Bishop on behalf of his late father in law, George Timms, a former Bofors Gunner.



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