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Harley Newman Gyrocopter AUSTRALIA II

Harley Newman Gyrocopter AUSTRALIA II

This machine was owned, designed and built by Sydney Engineer Mr. Harley Newman

The Engine is a Turbo Charged 900cc BMW Motor Bike Engine. Features of the aircraft include a Streamlined Cabin, Hydraulic Pre-Spin Wind Up for the Rotor Blades, Full Instrumentation, Hydraulic Disc Brakes, Self Starter, Radio Communication, Cabin Controlled Adjustments for Advance and Retarding the engine, altering the Fuel Mixture of the Carburettor and directing the Oil Flow from the Hydraulic Pump to the Hydraulic Motor in the Rotary Head.

The Fuel tank has been designed to be an integral part of the Cabin area. Also note the design of the Tail Plane and Rudder.

Mr. Newman died on Saturday September 13th, 1986 while flying his other Gyrocopter, named AUSTRALIA. No reason for his tragic death could be found.

AUSTRALIA II was never flown. However, a considerable amount of Ground Testing and Development on the Engine, particularly the Turbo Charger had been carried out. At the time of Mr. Newman's death this machine was producing extremely high Horsepower and Static Thrust.

At the time of it's construction, AUSTRALIA II was by far the most technically advanced Gyrocopter in Australia, and probably the world. It has many original and unusual points in the design, typical of anything of a mechanical nature Mr. Newman attempted.

The advantages of AUSTRALIA II over the original Gyrocopter, named AUSTRALIA, include a more Streamlined Overall Design for Penetration through the Air, Lighter Weight and a Single Rudder to reduce the Air Drag created by the Twin Rudders on the original machine.

Harley Newman had very little education, virtually none in fact. He came from Victoria to Sydney at the age of 14 and later qualified as a Boilermaker. This was his ONLY formal qualification ! Mr. Newman became a self taught Engineer over the period of his life, having been born with a great gift for all things mechanical. He quickly became extremely good in fact at ANYTHING he undertook !

AUSTRALIA II was donated to the Australian Aviation Museum

by Harley Newman's son Gordon, as this was his father's wish.

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