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JUNKERS W-33 Atlantis Replica

JUNKERS W-33 Atlantis Replica

Type :  Single Engine Low Wing Monoplane Seaplane
German Registration : D-1925

Manufactured :   1984
Airframe: Wooden Construction with Aluminium Corrugated Skin
Engine:   Daimler Jaguar Straight Six

The aircraft was constructed for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation ( ABC) and was used as a functional film prop in the production of the television mini-series “Flight Into Hell”, based on Hans Bertram’s epic flight in May 1932.
Work on the construction of ‘Atlantis’ began at the ABC’s Film Studios at French’s Forest in May 1984 was completed in August that year.

A fabricated wooden timber frame was used and the aircraft was clad in corrugated aluminium. The two floats were constructed of fiberglass.

The complete building project was supervised by airframe technicians from No. 38 Squadron, RAAF Sydney NSW.

The aircraft replica, built from plans and photographs is 11.14 metres long, has a wing span of 17.76 metres and is 3.89 metres high from float to tail.

The total cost of construction for the ABC was A$150,000.00 (1984)

After completion of filming at locations in Broome and Derby on the North West coast of Western Australia, the replica was presented as a gift to the people of WA and donated to the RAAFA Museum in Perth by the ABC. Since then the aircraft has been on continuous display at the Bull Creek Museum

Australian Aviation Museum Volunteers Nick Hunt, Bob Gault and Roger Gallagher flew to Perth from Sydney with just two days to load the Junkers W-33 for transport to the AAMB, ably assisted by RAAFA Museum Volunteers and Curator Caroline Ingram. 

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