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SE5a Replica

World War I Fighter

World War I single engine biplane fighter. The SE5a was introduced to the front in 1917. The airframe was surprisingly sturdy and the aircraft fast, although not as manoeuvrable as other types such as the Nieuport.

But the SE5a could be thrown about and dived hard without fear of breaking up. Initially unpopular (Albert Ball called them "rotten machines") their speed and stability as a gun platform made up for their lack of responsiveness, and they had a dramatic effect on the course of the war.

It served as a mount for WWI Air Aces Bishop, Mannock and McCuddon.

Wingspan: 8.12 metres, maximum speed 220 km/h, endurance 2.5 hours, ceiling 20,000 feet.

Armament: 1 x Vickers gun with 400 rounds, 1 x Lewis gun with 4 x 97 rounds.

Powered by a 200-240 hp liquid cooled Hispano or Wolseley Viper engine.

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