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Transavia Airtruk

Unique Australian Agricultural and Utility Design - 1960s

Transfield manufactured the wholly-Australian designed multi-purpose aircraft for over twenty years.

Initially designed as a specialised agricultural aircraft, it was refined over the years and used for many

purposes including military surveillance and medivac roles.

Many were exported to countries such as Denmark, Yugoslavia, Spain, Africa, China and New Zealand.

The Airtruk is still in use as an agricultural aircraft.

This particular aircraft was one of the last planes built by Transfield and is really (one-of-a-kind), in that it

is made up of spare parts from many of the 117 planes produced at the company¹s Seven Hills workshop.

It was in a poor state of repair after being severely damaged in a fire several years ago.

Long distance demonstration flights were made to the United States for the Oskosh Air Show

in Wisconsin and to France for the Paris Air Show.

Wingspan: 12.15 metres, length 6.35 metres, height 2.79 metres, maximum speed 208 km/h, ceiling 10,500 feet.

Powered by one 300 hp Continental IO-520-D six cylinder horizontally-opposed piston engine.

This aircraft is displayed in the Medivac configuration

Donated by Mr. Marco Belgiorno-Zegna

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