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Wheeler Scout

Wheeler Scout - Australian Aviation Museum
This is one of the early Skycraft Scout ultralight aircraft designed by Ron Wheeler in 1974. The Scout was the first power aircraft to use modern technologies, such as extruded aluminum and high strength synthetic fabrics, to produce an ultralight or minimum aircraft. Seen as a great step backwards in aircraft design the Scout challenged the basis of general recreational aviation and was instrumental in opening up the ultralight aircraft industry in Australia.

The aircraft is powered by a 12 h.p. engine. The pilot sits below the wing controlling the aircraft with a two axis joystick. The aircraft is fully portable and quickly put together at the airfield. The aircraft can be fitted with wheels or floats for land or water use.

Scout History

This is the earliest of the production models of the Scout Mark 1 to be produced. Production started in November 1976 after the issuing of the ANO 95.10. The floats were designed by Wheeler and added to his aircraft in September 1977. The aircraft with floats was first displayed at the Schofield Air Show in 1978.

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